Dual MS in Civil Engineering and Community and Regional Planning

A dual masters degree in Community and Regional Planning and Civil Engineering is offered with CIVE specializations in environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and water resources engineering. This program enables completion of both the Master of Community and Regional Planning degree and Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree in about two and a half years of full-time study. This program is intended for persons who hold a BS in Civil Engineering or equivalent degree.

The increasing complexity of issues relating to physical, economic, and social well-being in the world today is requiring broader knowledge and greater depth of understanding by decision makers who are attempting to resolve those issues and thereby improve the quality of life. Persons who are educated both in civil engineering and in planning are uniquely equipped to understand many of these difficult problems. They are better prepared than many other professionals to identify the most appropriate technical, institutional, and policy alternatives that address such problems.

This dual degree program utilizes the frameworks and faculties of existing academic degree programs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This program draws upon the existing required core and elective courses in the MCRP degree program, as well as existing courses in the transportation, water resources, or environmental engineering specializations of the MS Civil Engineering degree program.

Persons completing this dual degree program will have the opportunity to attain professional status in either or both of the planning and engineering professions. Planner/engineers find challenging professional positions in a wide variety of private sector and non-profit organizations, in all levels of government, as well as international settings.