CEE Graduate Programs

M.S. in Civil Engineering

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department offers a master's degree in Civil Engineering at City Campus in Lincoln and Scott Campus in Omaha.

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Doctoral study is intended for students seeking in-depth knowledge in an area of civil engineering beyond that resulting from an M.S. degree, and who wish to pursue faculty positions or other research positions in industry or governmental institutions.

Dual M.S. in Civil Engineering and
Community and Regional Planning

Professionals educated both in civil engineering and in planning are uniquely equipped to understand the increasing complexity of issues relating to physical, economic, and social well-being in the world. This dual master’s degree is offered in collaboration with the College of Architecture.

M.S. in Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers focus on developing innovative solutions to complex problems involving physical, chemical, biological and ecological components. This degree is jointly administered with Biological Systems Engineering.