Tirthankar Roy, PhD

Tirthankar Roy
Contact Information:
PKI 204C
Scott Campus (Omaha)
(402) 554-6255
Personal Links:
Research Website

Assistant Professor
Academic Degrees
  • PhD, The University of Arizona, 2017

Our group is interested in addressing critical water issues through interdisciplinary research involving the science, engineering, and social dimensions of hydrology.

Group Expertise:

  • Hydrologic model implementation (physically-based, conceptual, and data-driven)
  • Hydrologic model development, diagnostics, calibration, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty analysis 
  • Statistical methods and data analysis
  • Machine learning applications
  • Remote sensing applications

Prospective Candidates: 

If you are interested in joining our research group, please reach out through an email (roy@unl.edu). See the position-specific requirements. Please also visit the "Research" tab to see the past, current, and future research efforts. Please note that due to the heavy volume of emails, a prompt response is not always possible. 

  • Graduate Students/Visiting Researchers/Postdocs: Currently, I can only take graduate students, visiting researchers, and postdocs who have their own funding. If this applies to you, please send your CV and a brief research statement (not exceeding three pages and covering research experience, research interests, and research plans). Please combine everything into a single PDF document before sending. 
  • Undergraduate Researcher (Hourly Basis): UNL/UNO undergraduate students who want to work in our group are encouraged to reach out to me with a brief description of your research plan. Please use "Prospective Undergraduate Researcher from UNL/UNO: Your Name" in the email subject.

Research Areas:

  • Satellite Remote Sensing in Hydrology
  • Hydrologic Extremes: Floods and Droughts
  • Catchment Hydrology
  • Land-Atmospheric Coupling and Seasonal Forecasts
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Water Resources Management
  • Water and Food Security
  • Water and Health
  • Hydrology and the Society
  • Extraterrestrial Hydrology

Research Profiles:
Courses Taught
  • Water Resources Development
  • Statistical Analyses and Modeling in Hydrology