Civil Engineering students construct rainwater harvesting system

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Students constructing a rainwater barrel
Students constructing a rainwater barrel
“This project was a great opportunity for the students to see firsthand how their civil engineering knowledge can benefit our community.” - Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, co-instructor

During the spring 2014 semester, students in a new Sustainable Engineering Infrastructure course designed and built a rainwater harvesting system at City Sprouts, a community garden located in the Orchard Hill neighborhood in Omaha.  This course, co-taught by Shannon Bartelt-Hunt and Elizabeth Jones, included topics such as environmental sustainability, community development and appropriate technology.

Eighteen undergraduate and graduate civil engineering students developed the rainwater harvesting system from an initial site visit and client meeting through to final construction.  

The student’s work included sizing of the collection tank, design of a tank foundation and first flush system, installation of gutters on a neighboring home for collecting rainwater, and design of a rain garden to collect the tank overflow.  Throughout the process, they worked with Roxanne Williams, director of City Sprouts, to ensure that the design would meet the needs of the organization.

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