Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Resources - AE

Registering for the FE Exam

To apply for the MAE program, you must take the FE exam during your senior year ( 

Specifically, register for and take the FE Other Disciplines exam ( 

As part of ABET accreditation and for continuous improvement, we receive anonymized analysis on the topics covered in the exam. For us to receive your data, NCEES has instructed our program’s students to enter the following information exactly as stated below:

  1. Indicate that you are a GRADUATE student even though you are not yet in the MAE year (NCEES collects and provides data only from ABET accredited programs; our MAE is accredited; our B.S. AE is not).
  2. Indicate that you will graduate with your MAE within 9 months of taking the exam even though you will not (the NCEES reporting window is within 12 months of graduation).

The following document provides information on how to create an account and register for the exam.

Exam Preperation Materials

NCEES offers many resources to help you study for the exam including practice exams, supplied-reference handbooks and CBT Demos.

FE Exam Results

UNL AE requires proof of having taken the FE exam, and the pass/fail results.

If you have taken the FE exam, please provide the results link. To get your individual results link, follow the instructions below:

Directions to get your FE Exam results link address:

  1. Log into NCEES at
  2. Press the Results Notice box to the right of the FE exam you took.
  3. Copy the Verifiable Link web address and email to Dr. Moe at

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Moe Alahmad at:

FE Exam Reimbursement

Once you pass the FE Exam, The Durham School will reimburse up to $150 of your exam expense. To receive reimbursement, follow the steps on the following page: