Dynamical Systems Lab (Undergraduate & Graduate Students)

Contact - Piyush Grover
Department - Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Students Needed:
• Graduate
• Undergraduate
We are looking for:

For Undergraduate Students:

Funding available for juniors/seniors with coursework in fluids and/or vibrations.

For Graduate Students:

Dynamics and control, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics/vibrations.

The Dynamical Systems Lab (DSL) in MME focusses on developing analysis, control and optimization methods for nonlinear dynamical systems, and their application to several areas including large-scale multi-agent robotics, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics/nonlinear vibration and astrodynamics. Dynamical systems and control theory provides a strong foundation for tackling problems in (solid/fluid/bio) mechanics, and robotics, among other areas.

Areas of Research Dynamical Systems theory, control and optimization

Applications to:
  • Large-scale multi-agent systems (swarm robotics, traffic)
  • Microfluidics and active fluids (chaotic mixing, topological chaos, flow control)
  • Metamaterial design (Energy transfers in nonlinear media)
  • Atmospheric Flows (Reduced-order modeling , LiDAR dataassimilation)
  • Astrodynamics (Low-energy space mission design)