ECE - J.A. Woollam Fellowships

J.A. Woollam Fellowships

J.A. Woollam Graduate Student Fellowships are available for U.S. citizens considering graduate school in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Mechanical & Materials Engineering.

  • The fellowship is $4,000 to $5,000 per year and renewable. This adds up to 25% more to Research or Teaching Assistantship pay.
  • The fellowships target graduating seniors interested in enrolling in UNL graduate school. Faculty teaching 400 level classes can recommend eligible students from their classes.
  • Scholarships for undergraduates to work with graduate school advisers prior to the start of fellowships are also available. For example, a professor with a student who starts grad school in September can be hired prior to that start. The student receives the scholarship to start January, as well as summer pay to work in the professor’s lab. The fellowship then starts in the Fall.

Send cover letter, name of professor, and list of classes and grades to:

Joyce Ore
Electrical & Computer Engineering Office (209N SLNK)
(402) 472-3771.

Applications are due yearly by December 15 for a January start date. Applications for an August start date are due yearly by April 15.