Engineering research tests energy technologies with City of Lincoln

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Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler provided a glimpse into the future of a sustainable transportation infrastructure during a news conference Thursday at UNL’s Whittier Research Center. His announcements featured the progress of partnerships with the university and Lincoln Electric System (LES).

The city and UNL College of Engineering transportation and energy experts are developing wind and solar hybrid power systems, including a wind-powered generator installed in December 2010 with traffic signals at the 84th Street and Highway 2. Solar panels will be added to this site later this spring.

Anuj Sharma, assistant professor of civil engineering, spoke about the innovations involved in the project, which is funded by a three-year, nearly $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Sharma also discussed the work's interdisciplinary approach, interacting with various Nebraska Engineering departments and representatives including Wei Qiao, assistant professor of electrical engineering, and the Nebraska Transporation Center. Sharma also praised the endeavor as an opportunity to add green jobs in the local area.

For more information concerning the city’s energy technologies, go to

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