Featured Alumni: Subharthi Banerjee

Subharthi Banerjee

Subharthi Banerjee

Advanced Connectivity Research Engineer
Ford Motor Company

M.S. in Telecommunications (May, 2017)
Ph.D. in Engineering, specializing in Computer Engineering (May, 2020)

From phenomenal support to outstanding programs, the engineering graduate experience for Subharthi Banerjee helped launch a successful career at Ford Motor Company, where he’s currently employed as an advanced connectivity research engineer.

“The graduate engineering program was very hands on. This is the part I loved most,” said Banerjee, who joined Ford right after graduation. “I really grew as professional over the years because of the peers, professors and the students I worked with. They challenged me everyday where the program provided me ample opportunity and funding for growth.”

Banerjee, who moved to Nebraska in 2015 as an international student who dreamed of working in the transportation industry, received generous fellowship awards (Nebraska Recruitment Fellowship, Milton-Mohr and others) along with an assistantship to continue his research and studies in the United States.

“Even at the end of the program, graduate school offered Preparing for Future Faculty (PFF) program that even prepared me to apply for tenure-track professorships,” he added. “I wear a ring on my right-hand little finger, which is a symbol that I am a part of the Order of Engineering. I remember Dr. Carl Nelson came to Omaha from Lincoln to personally indoctrinate me to the order. It shows the meticulousness of the education and principles the school offers. I have been wearing that ring for 6 years straight to practice engineering to its highest merit.”