Graduate Programs: Assistantships

We understand graduate education is an investment in your future and how to fund your graduate education is of the greatest importance to you. The two most common funding opportunities available to graduate students are the Graduate Research Assistantship and the Graduate Teaching Assistantship. A graduate assistantship provides financial support for a graduate student for a set period of time during which the student is expected to pursue activities towards the advanced degree. All assistantships are competitively awarded within the departments. 

Awarding of all assistantships is handled by the academic departments in conjunction with the admissions review process. There are no additional requirements beyond what the department’s outline in their admissions criteria. However, funding is limited so it is very important for students to get their completed applications in by the deadlines the departments post for full consideration. Eligibility is limited to students admitted for a specific graduate degree program; non-degree students are not eligible. A graduate assistant must be enrolled for credit during the fall and spring semesters. 

Graduate Research Assistantship

Graduate Research Assistantships allow students the opportunity to do research supported by funding from government agencies, companies or foundations that offer students payments for their research activities. Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) must work under the direction of a faculty advisor and perform tasks in a satisfactory and timely manner. The terms of these appointments and the qualifications for them depend on the sponsoring agency and the faculty member. Students are encouraged to contact faculty members to explore opportunties for resrach and possible GRA funding opportunities. 

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Graduate Teaching Assistantships allow students the opportunity to assist in the education of undergraduate students by conducting lab sessions and assisting professors. The departments have a limited number of GTAs to award, which are normally reserved for full-time degree students who have demonstrated academic excellence. GTAs are directed by their faculty advisors, with duties that may include conducting office hours, grading and gaining valuable teaching experience. Students who are awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship must attend the Teaching Assistant Institute hosted in August at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln before starting their positions.


  • Tuition remission of up to 12 credit hours per semester
  • A minimum $2,600 monthly stipend (current students supported by grants already awarded may vary)
  • Individual student health insurance coverage at a reduced cost

Current Graduate Openings

For additional information on Graduate Assistantships,  contact the Graduate Chair of your department or the Office of Graduate Studies.

Current Graduate Student Research Opportunities

For a list of openings, visit our Graduate Student Research Opportunities website or contact the graduate chair from your program.