Environmental Engineering - Curriculum

Environmental Engineering Curriculum

M.S. EnvE Curriculum
Working with their advisers, students are expected to formulate coherent programs of research and study as they work toward a degree under Option I (thesis) or Option II (no thesis). Any student receiving support as a teaching and/or research assistant from the program is expected to enroll under Option I and complete a thesis.

All students are required to complete:

CIVE 828 (Environmental Engineering Chemistry, 3 cr)
CIVE 829 (Biological Treatment Processes, 3 cr)
CIVE 823 (Physical Chemical Treatment Processes, 3 cr)
ENVE 990 (Seminar in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, 1 cr)

Students having equivalent courses from a previous degree program may substitute or waive a core course or courses, with the written approval of the M.S. EnvE Graduate Committee.<

Courses (course descriptions are available in the UNL Graduate Studies Bulletin)
ENVE 898 Special Problems in Environmental Engineering
ENVE 899 Masters Thesis
ENVE 990 Seminar in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
ENVE 998 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering

Courses offered in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering
AGEN 853 Irrigation and Drainage Systems Engineering
AGEN 953 Advanced Irrigation and Drainage Systems Engineering
AGEN 954 Hydraulic Modeling of Small Watersheds
AGEN 955 Solute Movement in Soils (AGRO 955, CIVE 955)
BSEN 841 Animal Waste Management
BSEN 855 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Engineering
BSEN 941 Agricultural Waste Management
BSEN 943 Bioenvironmental Engineering

Courses offered in the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
CHME 832 Transport Operations
CHME 835 Transport Phenomena
CHME 842 Chemical Reactor Engineering and Design
CHME 845 Advanced Chemical Engineering Kinetics
CHME 873 Biochemical Engineering
CHME 892 Air Pollution Assessment and Control

Courses offered in the Department of Civil Engineering
CIVE 819 Flow Systems Design
CIVE 821 Hazardous Waste Management and Treatment
CIVE 822 Pollution Prevention: Principles and Practices
CIVE 823 Physical/Chemical Treatment Processes
CIVE 824 Solid Waste Management Engineering
CIVE 826 Design of Water Treatment Facilities
CIVE 827 Design of Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Facilities
CIVE 828 Quantitative Methods in Environmental Engineering
CIVE 829 Biological Waste Treatment
CIVE 830 Fundamentals of Water Quality Modeling
CIVE 831 Small Treatment Systems
CIVE 832 Bioremediation of Hazardous Wastes
CIVE 852 Water Resources Development
CIVE 854 Hydraulic Engineering
CIVE 856 Surface Water Hydrology
CIVE 858 Groundwater Engineering
CIVE 875 Water Quality Strategy (AGRO 875)
CIVE 915 Water Resources Engineering
CIVE 916 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Engineering Economics and Legal Aspects of Water Resources Systems
CIVE 921 Advanced Topics in Hazardous Waste Treatment and Remediation
CIVE 926 Advanced Topics in Water Treatment
CIVE 927 Advanced Topics in Water Treatment
CIVE 952 Water Resources Planning
CIVE 954 Advanced Hydraulics
CIVE 955 Solute Movement in Soils (AGEN 955, AGRO 955)
CIVE 958 Groundwater Mechanics
CIVE 959 Groundwater Modeling
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