Graduate Research: Laraoui research group

Contact - Abdelghani Laraoui
Department - Electrical & Computer Engineering - Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Students Needed:
• Graduate

Laraoui’s research group at the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at University of Nebraska-Lincoln has PhD openings to join in the summer of 2024 or the Fall of 2024. The project is multidisciplinary (quantum optics, solid-state physics, spintronics, and nanomagnetism) and involves using nitrogen-vacancy (NV) scanning probe microscopy (SPM) to study nanoscale magnetic phenomena in condensed matter systems. The group used similar setups recently to study antiferromagnetic materials, topological spin textures, map spin-wave transport, and study the magnetic properties of individual spin crossover nanorods and nanoclustered proteins. The group has published many high impact papers (ACS Nano, Nano Letters, Nature Materials, Advanced Electronic Materials…). Please check our recent papers here: 

Motivated students interested in learning new laboratory skills in solid-state physics, quantum optics, and materials science are encouraged to contact Dr. Laraoui at In your email, please include your detailed academic CV (with list of papers, conference attended, technical and personal skills) with a motivation letter. Ideally students should have a BSc or MSc in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemistry, or other related fields. Ideally, interested applicants have at least one of the following skills: basic/advanced background in programming (LabView, Python, MATLAB), data analysis (Mathematica, MATLAB, OriginLab), experience with scanning probe microscopy (AFM, MFM), microwave electronics, sample characterization, and performing experiments in optics and magnetism. 

Students will have the opportunity to get trained at National labs such as Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, NM and at Argonne National Lab in Lemont, IL, attend national (APS and MRS Meetings) and international conferences, etc. 

More information about Dr. Laraoui’s research can be found at

For information about the application process to enroll in a PhD in Materials Engineering:

A very competitive research assistantship ( starting salary > $32,000/year) with health-insurance benefits and tuition support are offered.

How to apply? Email Dr. Laraoui at