Groundwater - Karst Flow Model

Karst Groundwater Flow Model (no longer available)

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To order a model, or parts and repairs, open and print one of the forms listed. Please send or FAX (402-472-6338) the order to us. The free Acrobat Reader is required. Models built to reflect specific site geologic conditions can be constructed on special request and at additional cost. See the order form for prices.

For special models, unique designs, or bid orders, please contact Wayne Woldt, (402) 472-8656, for more information. For repairs or order status, please contact Scott Minchow, (402) 472-3916, for more information.

Karst Groundwater Flow Model
Karst Groundwater Flow Model

Unconfined Aquifer and a Simulated Karst-type Aquifer
The ground water flow models are used to demonstrate ground water movement principles. The model is constructed with clear plexiglass which allows viewers to watch how the water within a ground water system moves. The movement of water towards a pumping well can be easily observed.

The Karst model includes an unconfined aquifer and a simulated Karst type aquifer. Water is introduced into the model using inverted quart jars at the ends of the model. A vacuum pump is used to "pump" water from the two wells; one well is in the unconfined aquifer, the other is in the confined aquifer. Observation wells show the ground water flow patterns as the wells are pumped. Colored water is used to easily demonstrate the water movement patterns. Colored water can also be used to show how contaminants might move within a ground water system. The "contaminants" can be introduced at the surface or injected at three points within the aquifer.

The models are shipped in a carrying case, completely packed and ready to operate with the necessary accessories including: a hand operated vacuum pump, flask to receive "pumped" water, water supply bottle, syringes for injecting "pollutants," and an operators manual.

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