Indoor Farming Enclosure

Team members are Cameron Biniamow, Christian Espinoza, Matt Poppen, and Jeremy Thorne.

Indoor Farming Enclosure

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Team Members

Cameron Biniamow, senior, computer engineering
Christian Espinoza, senior, electrical engineering
Matt Poppen, senior, electrical engineering
Jeremy Thorne, senior, computer engineering

Faculty supervisor

Herbert Detloff

In this project, a team of electrical and computer engineering capstone students is creating an automated climate control system that is used for indoor farming. There are three separate levels in the enclosure, each having a separate color LED light. The temperature, humidity, and light are all variables that can be changed by the user.

Matt Poppen discussed the team’s project and the senior design capstone process:

Q: How did this team come to be working on this project? Were you assigned by a faculty advisor or did you have to come up with the idea? If the latter, how did you learn about this need/issue/problem/

Poppen: We worked in conjunction with Dr. Bastola of the UNO Bioinformatics Department. Dr. Bastola has found that you can change the taste and smell of a plant by changing the color of the LED shining on the plant. We are delivering him an environment that will allow him to collect data.

Q: What is the team’s experience in working with the client? How much are you learning about being an engineer from this part of the process?

Poppen: Dr. Bastola gave us the parameters of the project, we are not working step by step with him in the engineering of the project.

Q: How will your design/product have an impact on people or the world?

Poppen: The delivery of the indoor farming enclosure will allow Dr. Bastola to begin to test and find how different environments affect plants.