City Campus construction of Kiewit Hall includes interior work

Industry Communications: Winter 2022-23

Structural work on Kiewit Hall continues to take shape at the intersection of 17th and Vine Streets. Construction this holiday season and over the course of the next couple of weeks includes activity on several levels of the facility, including elevator shaft construction on the lower level as well as Levels 1 and 2; Level 3 framing; Level 4 fireproofing; Level 5 fireproofing and floor polishing; and Level 6 temp enclosure.

Additional construction involving Kiewit Hall and nearby Othmer Hall includes framing the walls at connection to Kiewit Hall at Othmer, and the North 17th Street storm sewer installation and connection, which began in October.

More construction news
  • Level 3 data cable installation is ongoing in the renovation of Scott Engineering Center;
  • Painting of Level 3 at Scott Engineering Center is also underway with corridor painting completed the first week of December;
  • And glass for the north entrances of Nebraska Hall has been installed with interior work on the entrances ongoing.
Progress on the college’s $190 million multi-phase facilities projects is updated frequently and can be viewed live on the College of Engineering’s Construction Central website.