Kiewit Scholars: Program Requirements

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To retain their position as a Kiewit Scholar, students must participate in program requirements and meet the academic threshold. Current Kiewit Scholars can find additional requirements in their program handbooks. Any student who fails to meet program requirements will meet with college leadership for an evaluative conversation and/or probationary period.

Programmatic & Curricular Requirements

  • Enroll in Kiewit Scholars leadership seminars each semester and receiving passing grade
  • Attend all required Kiewit Scholars programs throughout the academic year
  • Complete Kiewit internship

Academic Requirements

  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Complete at least 30 credit hours each year
  • Remain in good standing with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the College of Engineering

Leadership Requirements

  • Join two clubs/organizations (one must be UNL-affiliated) your first year
  • Remain involved in at least two organizations and step up for a specific role (e.g., committee chair) your second year
  • Remain involved in at least two organizations and run for a leadership role your third year and fourth year

Housing FAQs

What housing am I allowed to choose with this program?

You are able to select any room and board plan that is available to freshmen at UNL. Some housing options vary slightly in cost, for example, suite-style housing costs more. Although there is much to consider when choosing housing. Perhaps you want to choose the housing option closest to the Engineering Complex so you can sleep in more in the morning! 

What if I want to live at home?

Students are able to live at home if they file a waiver with housing. We are not able to give them the cost of the first year housing benefit though, so that financial benefit will be forfeited. Choose which situation is best for your unique situation, and reach out to Bonnie ( if you want to discuss it further.

Can I live in a fraternity?

The Kiewit Scholars first year housing scholarship does not apply to students who choose to live in a fraternity.

Can I join a learning community?

Yes. You're welcome to join a learning community if wish. We encourage you to be aware of your time commitments to different organizations, as the Kiewit Scholars program requires in-depth involvement.

Additional Questions

Where can I go for the education abroad component of this program?

Students are able to use their $2,500 stipend toward any UNL approved or faculty-led education abroad program. 

Can I also be in the Honors program or other programs on campus?

Students may choose to be in the Honors program in addition to Kiewit Scholars, as long as they balance their time and meet program commitments effectively. If you have a question about a different program on campus, such as Raikes or the pathway programs in Engineering, contact Bonnie Martin to learn more. Some programs on campus have conflicting time commitments, so students cannot participate in both. However, we encourage students to apply to all programs of their interest to find one that's the best fit for them.

Will I have the opportunity to have additional internships outside the Kiewit internship?

All students in the program will complete one summer internship with Kiewit. Students are welcome to pursue other opportunities outside of that as long as they don't conflict with the one planned summer Kiewit internship. So, students may choose to apply to Kiewit for an internship for a second summer later one or they may choose to seek other roles in industry or research, depending on their interests.