Kiewit Scholars - Scholarship Benefits

  • Doug Glaser of Kiewit gives a lecture on leadership to the Kiewit Scholars.

Scholarship Benefits

Full-Tuition Scholarship & Book Stipend

Kiewit Scholars receive a scholarship for tuition and fees for four years, and a $750 book stipend per semester.

One Year Housing & Meals

Students will receive housing and meals their freshman year on campus, in the University residence hall of their choosing.

Education Abroad Stipend

Each student receives a $2,500 stipend to support an education abroad experience, providing a unique global perspective.

Industry Mentorship & Seminars

Scholars will enroll in special seminars every semester while in the program, benefitting from leadership curriculum and industry expertise.

Immersive Learning Trips

Students will participate in two all-expense-paid immersive learning trips, to broaden their industry perspective.

Guaranteed Kiewit Internship

Students receive an internship with Kiewit, in one of their districts across the United States, offering early exposure to the field of engineering and construction.

Scholarship FAQs

Why do I still have charges on my student bill?

The Kiewit Scholars scholarship will cover UNL standard fees (technology fee, library fee, facility fee, online course fee, etc.) as well as academic for-credit class related fees.

Examples of fees not covered by the scholarship include the following: parking permits, visit charges from the Health Center or CAPS, rec classes such as a yoga class pass, housing damage fees, extra NSE guest fees, etc.

Can I stack my Kiewit Scholars tuition and fees scholarship with other awards?

The Kiewit Scholars scholarship is considered "last-in after institutional scholarships." This means that it will cover what is left of tuition and fees after your other UNL-based scholarships are applied. For example, if you have a Regents or Traditions, this scholarship will cover the rest of tuition and fees not covered by your existing scholarships. Thus, this scholarship amount varies per student up to the full cost of tuition and fees. Institutional scholarships include those given to you by UNL, College of Engineering, and associated NU Foundation scholarships. Scholarships that are not considered institutional are external scholarships, like one offered through your local church you received as a high school senior.

I have external scholarships from my high school that only cover tuition and fees. How does this impact my bill?

If you have an external (non-UNL) scholarship, such as from your local church or Sertoma club, go to Husker Hub to learn more about how it applies to your scholarship and financial aid package. Each scholarship is different. If your external scholarship does not have limitations, you can "stack" it on top of your Kiewit Scholars scholarship up to the UNL cost of attendance. This means you can apply it to other UNL charges, such as a parking permit.

If your external scholarship does have limitations, such as the money is earmarked only for tuition, then it will have to be applied before your Kiewit Scholarship scholarship. When you submit all of your scholarships to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, they can walk you through what limitations, if any, are part of your external scholarships.

How do I keep my scholarship?

To retain their position as a Kiewit Scholar, students must participate in all program requirements, maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and complete at 30 credit hours each year between fall and spring semesters.

Incoming students receive a program handbook that outlines additional information on all requirements, probation, and dismissal policies. Students will receive in-depth guidance on program expectations during their Welcome and Leadership Retreat before school starts in the fall.

What fees are covered by the Kiewit Scholars scholarship?

The following fees are covered: registration, technology, ID card, library, facilities, online courses, and other course fees (e.g., a lab fee). The program will not cover late fees, any fees applied to your account for damage or student conduct, any health care visits to the health center, or the optional health insurance fees. Any fees not listed here are subject to the discretion of program leadership.

How many years can I have the scholarship?

As long as students meet program requirements, the scholarship is available for four years, and can be applied to fall and spring semesters.

Can I use this scholarship toward summer classes?

With leadership and industry experience an important component of this program, we intend that students will spend their summers gaining invaluable experiential learning opportunities; as such, this scholarship will not cover any summer classes.

Does Kiewit Scholars cover online classes?

Yes, this scholarship will cover online classes. Engineering is largely an in-person major, but you may take a course or two online while in your degree. For further information, contact Bonnie Shuda.

Can I use this scholarship to take classes at another NU campus?

This scholarship is exclusive to UNL courses on the Lincoln campus.

Can I take a gap year or a semester off in a co-op experience?

The intent of this scholarship is for four consecutive years. Any student with extenuating circumstances is encouraged to contact Kiewit Scholar program leadership, as this may be considered on a case-by-case basis and at the leadership's discretion.

Can I utilize this scholarship for multiple undergraduate degrees?

The Kiewit Scholars scholarship requirements are that a student pursues a degree in the College of Engineering. Please visit with Kiewit Scholar program leadership if you wish to pursue multiple degrees in four years (e.g., a double major outside of the College of Engineering).

How many credit hours can I take each semester?

Students will follow the university's policy for the maximum number of credits allowed per semester. Students wishing to exceed this limit should visit with Kiewit Scholar program leadership to learn about their options.

What happens if I drop a class or withdraw?

Visit with Kiewit Scholar program leadership if you need to drop a class or withdraw to learn how it will affect your scholarship and the program's annual credit hour requirements.

Can I apply for the scholarship in my sophomore, junior, or senior year?

The Kiewit Scholars program is open to incoming first-time freshmen, as it is cohort-based.

Can I have the Nebraska Promise and the Kiewit Scholarship?

You can be a student who qualifies for Nebraska Promise and is a Kiewit Scholar; however, the Kiewit scholarship will cover the rest of your tuition after other institutional scholarships, so you won't receive additional funding that exceeds the cost of tuition and fees.