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Graduate Degree and Certificate

The flexible Master of Engineering Management program at Nebraska offers both a 30-credit degree and a 12-credit certificate, providing courses designed to immediately impact your work as a professional in engineering and technology fields. Fully online, you can take courses in 8-week sessions to coordinate with your work schedule. Our MEM curriculum and degree is certified by the American Society for Engineering Management.

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One of the hallmarks of our program is our combination of core engineering courses, a wide variety of electives, and the ability to integrate up to three courses from UNL’s top-ranked MBA program. This combination provides highly relevant content that you can apply immediately in your professional and personal life.

We also offer a 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management, which can be applied to earning our master’s degree. This certificate allows engineers to study and learn along with other professionals to gain the fundamental knowledge needed to be a successful leader.


We offer flexibility in two important ways.

Our curriculum lets you co-create an educational program tailored to your career path by choosing topics that resonate in your work environment: business theories and practice, leadership, legal issues, quality management, and more. And our delivery mode and scheduling offer the flexibility of time and space to earn your degree as a working professional while maintaining work-life balance. Eight-week online classes offered 100% asynchronously let you decide when and where to study.


We’re consistently noted nationally for our value – both in the overall cost of the program compared to other MEM programs and for the content we offer. We also work with our students to determine if they can be supported by their companies with tuition assistance. And, we support veterans and active duty military personnel with a tuition discount. Our MEM is one of a few programs certified by the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) for meeting and exceeding their rigorous standards for quality of content, delivery, instruction, and student services. Upon graduation from our program you are exempt from ASEM's examination to become a Certified Professional in Engineering Management (CPEM).


Our program puts you in the company of faculty with education and industry experience in engineering, and with professional peers who, like you, are employed in engineering and technology industries, facing similar challenges, issues, and problems typical of that sector. You will find the discussions, interactions, and cross pollination of ideas in our classes invaluable to your education and difficult to find in MBA programs that allow students from any undergraduate background and any industry (A to Z … Art to Zoology). Our curriculum follows ASEM’s Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK) to prepare you for engineering management, not general business management.