The MEM program at Nebraska is one of the nation's best values, and many of our students are supported through their companies with tuition assistance.

A 15% online course tuition discount applies to veterans and active duty military personnel.

Note: The program does not offer any assistantships or scholarships. The MEM is a professional degree rather than a research degree; our students are full-time employed and receive full or substantial tuition reimbursement from their employers. The following tuition and fees are effective starting in Fall 2023.

Cost is the same for
Resident or non-resident
Graduate Tuition + All Fees

$675 / credit hour

$2,025 / course (3-credit hours each)

$20,250 / entire program (10 courses)

Online Course Fee Included
Technology Fee Included
Library Fee Included
Registration Fee Included
Program Application Fee
(Waived for military)
$50 (one-time fee)
Graduation Fee $25 (one-time fee)
Example for a 3-credit hour course (tuition + fees):
Tuition $1,842
Fees* $ 183*
Tuition + Fees $2,025

*Fees Breakdown for a 3-credit hour class:
Registration fee $20.00
Library fee $24.75
Technology fee $33.00
Online Course fee $105.00
Round-up $0.25

Estimated price of books & supplies: $500 - $1,500 (depending on: electronic vs. printed book; rent vs. buy)

Learn more about the estimated cost of attendance at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, including all estimated cost components.

I think cost played a key role as well. I needed something smaller and more focused and I wanted to get through it quickly. So it was an economical decision, it was cheaper than the MBA program and I was able to get through it quicker.
Ross Barron 2019 MEM graduate