Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management

Chart displaying 2 MEM Core Courses (EMGT: 805 and 806 - 6 credits) + 2 MEM Electives (6 credits) = EM Graduate Certificate (12 credits)

Designed to position students as effective engineering managers, the Engineering Management Graduate Certificate combines faculty expertise, a purposeful curriculum and a broad range of perspectives in the engineering field.

Coursework is offered every eight weeks and provides current and future engineering managers with enhanced skills to form and manage productive teams, execute goal-oriented strategies, and influence your organization’s relevance in today’s competitive global market.

Alongside students who are also experienced professionals, certificate students learn to make strategic decisions with the fundamental knowledge needed to lead engineers and technical professionals.

Individuals who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management may use the credit hours earned toward completion of the Master of Engineering Management degree (if you apply and are admitted to the MEM program).

To earn the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management:

  1. Apply and be admitted
  2. Work with a team member in the Master of Engineering Management program to develop a plan of study.
  3. Complete 12 credit hours (courses described below).

2024 – 2025 Class Schedule:

Summer 2024 May 20 - July 12
Fall A 2024 August 26 - October 18
Fall B 2024 October 28 - December 20
Spring A 2025 January 21 - March 14
Spring B 2025 March 24 - May 16
Summer 2025 May 19 - July 11

2 MEM Core Courses (6 Credit Hours)

The following are CORE courses and required for the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree.
EMGT 805 EMGT 805 - Teamwork for Organizational Commitment and Collaboration 3 cr. hours
EMGT 806 EMGT 806 - Decision and Risk Analysis 3 cr. hours

2 MEM Electives (6 Credit Hours)

EMGT 803 EMGT 803 – Management of Engineering and Technology 3 cr. hours
EMGT 804 EMGT 804 – Human Relations in Engineering and Sciences 3 cr. hours
EMGT 807 EMGT 807 – Project Management 3 cr. hours
EMGT 808 EMGT 808 – Engineering Leadership 3 cr. hours
EMGT 809 EMGT 809 – Engineering Economy for Decision Making 3 cr. hours
EMGT 811 EMGT 811 - Legal Considerations for Engineering Managers 3 cr. hours
EMGT 813 EMGT 813 - Advance Project Management I
To be added to the Graduate Course Catalog in summer 2024.
3 cr. hours
EMGT 814 EMGT 814 – Advanced Project Management II
To be added to the Graduate Course Catalog in summer 2024.
3 cr. hours
EMGT 819 EMGT 819 - Applied Management Science for Engineering and Operations 3 cr. hours
EMGT 820 EMGT 820 - Quantitative Analysis for Engineering Management Decisions 3 cr. hours
EMGT 822 EMGT 822 – Production and Operations Management 3 cr. hours
EMGT 891 EMGT 891 - Special Topics in Engineering Management

  • Intrapreneurship
  • Probability & Statistics for Engineering Management
  • Advanced Project Management, I
  • Advanced Project Management, II
  • Other topics relevant to engineering management
3 cr. hours
EMGT 901 EMGT 901 – TQM Using Six Sigma Techniques 3 cr. hours
EMGT 905 EMGT 905 - Strategic Management and Planning 3 cr. hours

Note: Additional MEM elective courses are under development. Please contact Kayla Person (MEM Program Coordinator) for more information.

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate Admission Requirements

To be fully admitted, The Office of Graduate Studies requires official transcripts. Admission with full standing requires a grade point average (GPA) for all undergraduate work of at least 2.75 (on a 4.00 scale). All deficient courses stipulated at the time of admission must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Provisional Status: Applicants with a GPA below a 2.75 or with deficiencies will be evaluated and admission may be granted on a provisional basis until proof of an ability to complete graduate level work is satisfactorily shown.

GMAT or GRE Score not required

It is not required to submit standardized test scores such as the GRE or GMAT.  However, applicants may include the information in the online application to supplement their application. 

Personal Statement

All applicants are required to submit a personal statement.

  • Briefly describe your past professional experience and relevant skills.
  • What are some of your short and long term professional goals?
  • How would a University of Nebraska MEM assist you in achieving your goals?

A professional resume should be submitted. Include the following: relevant work experience, skills, involvement and education. 

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of  recommendation are needed. Both contacts must be former or current supervisors or professors. 

Prerequisite Requirements

To be admitted to the Graduate Certificate in Master of Engineering, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Relevant work experience: Experience in engineering and technology industry; minimum of two-years is strongly recommended; engineering co-ops and internships may be considered as part of work experience.
  • GPA: 2.75 GPA or higher (on a 4.0 scale). Conditional acceptance may be granted on a case by case basis.
  • Previous earned degrees: A Bachelor of Science (or higher) degree in engineering or quantitative area
  • Courses:
    • Calculus I
    • A course in probability and statistics
    • Provisional status may be granted if deficiency is removed, in consultation with MEM administrators, prior to enrolling in MEM core courses.
  • English proficiency: See section related to International Applicants

Online versions of prerequisite courses may be available upon request from the University of Nebraska. None of the prerequisite courses may be used in the student's MEM program of study. All prerequisite courses must be met before 15 hours of graduate course work is completed. Please contact the MEM Program Coordinator for more information about prerequisite courses.

International Applicants
  • If your native language is not English, you must demonstrate English proficiency using one of the following tests:
    1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of at least 550 on the paper-based TOEFL; 79 on the Internet-based TOEFL, or
    2. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall band score of at least 6.5.
  • Language proficiency requirement may be waived for individuals whose native language is not English, if they have:
    1. earned a college degree in the USA, or
    2. language of instruction was English for their college degree in their home country, and they have documented history of relevant employment (in engineering and technology industry) in the USA

Please note:

  • This is an online degree program. It is not possible to obtain a Visa to study in the U.S. when enrolled in our program.
  • This is a professional master’s degree. We are unable to offer teaching or research assistantships, internship, or other forms of support. A majority of our students receive tuition reimbursement from their employers.