About MEM

Today’s organizations need engineers who have a systems perspective and business acumen, can interact and communicate professionally with internal and external constituents and customers, manage technical projects, and lead successful work teams. Considered to be the MBA for engineers and technical professionals, the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program is the preferred degree to develop and shape individuals into becoming such an engineer. Combining engineering and business curriculum into one degree, the MEM prepares engineers and technical professionals for managing projects, teams, and becoming leaders and engineering managers in their organizations.

The MEM degree in the College of Engineering at UNL delivers relevant content and allows technical professionals to apply knowledge and skills gained from the program to address and solve their workplace problems and challenges. It emphasizes critical thinking and reasoning, problem solving, and decision making using a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to one’s career path by including relevant topics such as: business theories and practice, leadership, legal issues in engineering management, organizational structure and development, teamwork, project management, quality management, supply chain and operations management, finance, accounting, quantitative analysis, and management science techniques.

In The News:

It's a very collaborative work environment and it's a very collaborative class environment. I was learning from experiences of my peers who were in the class, so it was a good correlation between what I was learning and how I applied it at work.
Neeraj Sharma Spring, 2022 Graduate