Engineering student acquires valuable internship via career fair

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Mia Toigo, sophomore Withmajoring in civil engineering.
Mia Toigo, sophomore Withmajoring in civil engineering.

One of the goals for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is to increase innovative student experiences by requiring all students to have a professional experience before they graduate as highlighted in the N2025 Strategic Plan”, but some students are already ahead of the game.

Through Career Services, University of Nebraska–Lincoln students have access to career coaching and opportunities to help them succeed in their career. One student in particular, Mia Toigo, a sophomore civil engineering major, achieved early success when she acquired an internship the summer after her freshman year through the help of her career coach.

“It’s been really nice getting an internship early,” Toigo said. “So much engineering during the first two years, it’s just a bunch of science, math and gen ed’s. So, getting this internship gives me a leg up in terms of just getting to feel a little bit more of what that would be like in a job. So much of what I’ve done helps me academically as well.”

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