NUBE Camp Sets the Tone


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NUBE Camp Sets the Tone

Calendar Icon Aug 25, 2008      Person Bust Icon By Carole Wilbeck     RSS Feed  RSS  -  Submit a Story

When you're a Nebraska Undergraduate Becoming an Engineer (NUBE), having fun with 170 of your classmates and professors is a great start. 

The UNL College of Engineering's NUBE Camp gathers incoming students each August at YMCA Camp Kitaki for an overnight retreat before the start of classes. Welcoming and inclusive, the community develops and flows from basketball and football games to swimming and structured sessions on team-building and faculty/student questions and answers. The cabins and meals feel familiar and Nebraska Engineering shirts are worn proudly throughout the two days.

The challenge area is a favorite, where students try rock climbing and an elevated ropes course. Success in components like "push-pull" and the "heebie-jeebies" builds confidence for the academic adventures ahead.

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