Operational Simulation-Optimization and Virtual Prototyping Research Assistants

Contact - Jennifer Lather
Department - Architectural Engineering - Construction Engineering - Construction Management
Students Needed:
• Graduate

Seeking motivated graduate research assistants for research and development in healthcare facility design. Research opportunities include: quantitative facility planning, human factors in the building sciences, human computer interaction and computer mediated communication for project teams, interactive workspaces for integrated teams, stochastic modeling for operations, discrete event simulation, virtual reality, experienced-based and evidence-based design.

Opportunities include:

  1. Graduate Research Assistant in Operational Simulation-Optimization
  2. Graduate Research Assistant in Virtual Prototyping

Research background desired:

  • Experience with experimental design and data collection a plus.
  • Good technical writing skills
  • Strong math and statistics background

Technical background desired:

  • Understanding of either 3D modeling, data modeling, and process modeling (all three a plus)
  • Experience with linear and/or non-linear programming (OSO)
  • Willing to learn discrete event simulation and layout optimization (OSO)
  • Experience with C#, C++, Python (VP)
  • Willing to learn scripting and prototyping (VP)

Application process. If interested, please email a letter of interest and cv/resume to Dr. Lather. Include software and technical skills, GRE, and TOEFL scores, if applicable. Please indicated which position you are applying for in the email subject.