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Engineering Enrollment Deposit - Omaha Campus

For More Information

For information concerning payment of the deposit, refunds and registration, see the Engineering Enrollment Deposit on the UNO Admissions page.

You may also contact our staff in Omaha for additional details.

Nicole Franta

If you have additional questions about the deposit for our engineering programs in Lincoln, visit the Undergraduate Office of Admissions website.

All newly admitted undergraduate students to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering programs in Omaha (on UNO's Scott Campus) are required to pay a one-time enrollment deposit of $150 (as of Spring 2019). This deposit finalizes your admission in the College of Engineering and secures your space in the incoming class. 

Deadline for deposit:
  • Fall and Summer Applicants - May 1
  • Spring Applicants - December 1

The deposit will appear as a credit on your student account and will be used to offset a portion of your tuition and/or fees for the first semester. 

If you do not submit your deposit by the deadline for your term, your admission could be cancelled. You will not be able to register for New Student Orientation or register for classes until the enrollment deposit has been paid.

Admission after the deadline is determined on a space-available basis.  After the deadline, deposits need to be paid within 10 days of admission, or admission is subject to cancellation.  Deposits paid after the deadlines are non-refundable.

Why does the College of Engineering require a deposit?

The enrollment deposit allows the engineering programs in Omaha to:

  • Plan effectively for class offerings and student resources to prepare for your arrival.
  • Provide an incentive for undergraduate engineering students to actively consider their college choice on an appropriate timeline, which increases options in housing, New Student Orientation dates and classes.
The enrollment deposit allows you to:
  • Register for and attend orientation activities.
  • Receive more information about housing and other opportunities offered to students in Omaha.
For students admitted to the College of Engineering in both Lincoln and Omaha:

If you are also admitted to the College of Engineering in Lincoln, you will only pay the deposit at the campus in which you intend to enroll (City Campus or Scott Campus). While all engineering programs are offered by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, campus services are provided by the host campus (UNL or UNO).