Quantum Optics and Device Engineering (Undergraduate)

Contact - Abdelghani Laraoui
Department - Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Students Needed:
• Undergraduate
Prof. Laraoui at at the Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department is hiring undergraduate students to join the Quantum Sensing & Defect Discovery and Spectroscopy Lab. His primary research focuses on developing new quantum materials based on color centers in diamond, defects in wide bandgap semiconductors and two-dimensional (2D) materials for applications in quantum sensing, nanoscale imaging, and quantum information processing.

Two projects are available:
  1. Magneto-optical imaging of individual transition-metal nanoparticles using nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond.
  2. Hybrid photonics based on coupling single-photon emitters in 2D materials to plasmonic micro-structures.
These research activities are mainly experimental and involve:
  • Designing and building optical setups, magneto-optical microscopes (confocal, far-field), and RF/MW electronics circuits (PCB/ stripline design, pulse control).
  • Interfacing equipment (laser, AOM, RF/MW signal generators, cMOS cameras, photodetectors, DAQ...) for measuring weak signals.
  • Device fabrication (E-beam, evaporation, etching...).
  • Device characterization (AFM, TEM, SEM…)
Motivated students interested to learn new laboratory skills in quantum optics and magnetic nanomaterials are encouraged to contact Dr. Laraoui at alaraoui2@unl.edu or just stop by his office 312 NH for more details. In your email, please include your student NUID # and academic resume (CV). Ideally students should have a basic background in programming (LabView, Python, Matlab), data analysis (Mathematica, Matlab), design (CAD, solidworks...), MW/RF electronics, PCB design, and performing experiments in optics. A competitive hourly rates will be offered!

More information about his research can be found here: