Scott Technology Center

Scott Technology Center

Scott Technology Center

The College of Engineering is partnering with Scott Technology Center to provide classrooms and study/collaborative spaces for our students and faculty.

For conference rooms/study and collaboration areas:
Rooms have been given a specific name to minimize any confusion when reserving rooms:
  • Conference Rooms: Ice Bear, Stoli, P2000, 4/3
  • Study/Collaborative Spaces: Elk Mountain, Aggie, Centennial, Mini, ZN
Conference room can be reserved in two ways:
  • Call the Scott Data Center office: 402.505.7800
  • Use the room wizard system (for same-day reservations only): small touch screens are located outside each conference room
Please be considerate and return the spaces to an organized and clean state after use. Chairs, white boards, power stands and white board markers should be left or returned to their original space for use by others.

Scott Technology Center: Floor 1

Scott Technology Center - Floor 1 Map

Scott Technology Center: Floor 2

Scott Technology Center - Floor 2 Map

Scott Technology Center: Floor 3

Scott Technology Center - Floor 3 Map