Ten engineering faculty and staff earn UNL Parents' Recognition Awards

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Faculty and staff from the College of Engineering earned 10 UNL Parents Association Recognition Awards at the banquet held Friday, March 1.
Faculty and staff from the College of Engineering earned 10 UNL Parents Association Recognition Awards at the banquet held Friday, March 1.

The College of Engineering brought home 10 UNL Parents Association 2019 Parents' Recognition Awards presented Friday, March 1 at the association's annual banquet.

The Parents' Recognition Award recognizes faculty and staff who have made a significant difference in the lives of students. The Parents Association solicits nominations through an annual mailing, asking parents to nominate a faculty or staff member. 

Honored faculty and staff were presented with certificates of recognition. 

The faculty and staff from the college were:

Matthew Barrows

This is Matthew’s second Parents’ Recognition Award since he joined the college in 2017 as Assistant Professor of Practice in Construction Programs. His students are widely appreciative of his accessibility and the care he puts into the teaching and learning environment.  

Yuris Dzenis

Another long-time faculty member of 24 years, Yuris is a professor of mechanical and materials engineering. He works closely with students in his extensive research, which focuses on nano-fibers and nano-materials – such as for flexible armor for the U.S. Army.

Bruce Fischer

Bruce has worked for the college for approximately 18 years and this is the sixth time he has been recognized by students and parents for his exceptional work as an assistant professor in construction management.

George Gogos 

George is a 23-year faculty member in mechanical and materials engineering.  He mentors and guides students not only as a professor, but also as a faculty director for the Nebraska Industrial Assessment Center, where faculty and students work with industry to develop energy management strategies.

Michael Hoffman 

Michael is a professor of electrical and computer engineering who joined the college 26 years ago. This is his fourth Parents' Recognition Award.

John Hudgens 

John joined the college 27 years ago and works as an instrument maker in the Engineering and Science Research Support Facility. He is known for his positive and helpful attitude, along with his ability to engage others in the mechanical design and fabrication processes.

Jayde McWilliams 

Jayde is coordinator of student development in Engineering Student Services, where she helps create and lead meaningful initiatives such as our Multicultural Engineering Program, the Women in Engineering Program, and the Engineering Readiness Academy, among others. She notes that she “definitely didn’t make it through college on her own,” so her goal is to guide and support our students throughout their time here.

Kayla Person 

Kayla has served several important roles in her five years with the college, including as an academic advisor for undergraduate students. Her focus on the students and their success led to her new position this fall as director of engineering graduate programs.

Suzette Person 

As associate professor of practice in computer science and engineering, Suzette has led the development of the college’s newest major -- software engineering. Her dedication and hard work have helped this program more than double in enrollment since it began in Fall 2016.

Karen Stelling 

Karen came to the college in 2013 after serving as a vice president at Burns & McDonnell in Kansas City for more than 20 years. As professor of practice in mechanical and materials engineering, her students praise her for not only working closely with them in their courses, but also in her efforts to engage them in the college’s Complete Engineer Initiative.

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