Water Machine

The Water Machine

The WATER Machine is a mobile water resources education system for delivering engaging educational programs on one of our most important natural resources—water. The WATER (WAter Teaching, Extension and Research) Machine Mobile Educational System consists of a mobile trailer equipped with a large format, physically-based, ground and surface water model along with current/topical water related educational displays.

Join the WATER Machine Educational Experience
Become immersed in an active multimedia learning experience; participate in experiencing the energy and movement of water in a large-scale setting This engaging, active learning environment, will facilitate the broad goal to educate youth, the general public, and water users on the occurrence of groundwater, ground-water/surface water interaction, irrigation management, and the protection of Nebraska's water resources quality and quantity for diverse needs today and in the future.

This educational resource has the potential to be used at numerous water resources and irrigation management educational programs. These programs will typically be offered at research and demonstration sites, NRD events, UNL Research & Extension Centers, youth events such as environmental fairs, county fairs, Husker Harvest Days, River City Roundup, Nebraska State Fair, and additional forums.