Biomedical Engineering Society

Job Opportunities

Let us know if you are aware of job opportunities in the field of BME.

Contact us through the club email (see further down) with information.

We are UNL's student chapter of the national Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), which is a professional society for biomedical engineers. We welcome all students that are interested in biomedical engineering, as it spans many different majors and programs. Our goal is to expose students to different areas of biomedical engineering and give guidance on post-graduation paths. Meetings promote interests through activities such as lectures, presentations, tours, and social activities. It is our goal to help you continue to engage with your peers and further your connections in the professional world.


-Meetings are once a month on Thursday nights. Join our NvolveU page (linked to the right) to see when our next meeting is and sign up for email updates!

-Regular meeting attendees are expected to pay dues, which are $15 for the academic year.

*Seniors and alumni: fill out our survey to let us know what you are up to! The link is in the panel to the right.


Evie Barnett
Evie Barnett
Graduation Year: 2023

Luke Freyhoff
Luke Freyhoff
Vice President
Graduation Year: 2023

Brenna Wright
Graduation Year: 2023

Peyton Kullmann
Graduation Year: 2025

Anna Levorson
eSAB Representative
Graduation Year: 2024