National American Indian Heritage Month

National American Indian Heritage Month


In the College of Engineering, all are welcome. To better share the stories of how our faculty, staff, students and alumni are diverse in their many varying forms, we are celebrating various heritage and other nationally recognized months. This recognition will include stories about those in our greater engineering community, as well as sharing events and other opportunities.

Did you know?

National American Indian Heritage Month celebrates and recognizes the accomplishments of the peoples who were the original inhabitants, explorers and settlers of the United States. November is an appropriate month for the celebration, as it is traditionally when many American Indians hold fall harvest and world-renewal ceremonies, powwows, dances, and various feasts. The holiday recognizes hundreds of different tribes and approximately 250 languages, and celebrates the history, tradition, and values of American Indians.

Source: Library of Congress

Featured Stories

Sydney James
Q&A with Sydney James
Graduate student in Civil Engineering / B.S. in Civil Engineering from UNL, 2019
“One piece of advice I would give anyone considering or pursuing a career in engineering would be, why not you? You belong here. No one shows up to the first day of Calculus as a pro at deriving and integrating. The skills required for an engineering career take practice, determination, and grit. Every engineering student has had that moment when they thought it was too hard. Don’t quit, you belong here.”

Q&A with Sydney James

Dr. Stanley Atcitty

College of Engineering Seminar Series: Distinguished Speaker

Energy Storage Power Electronics Program at Sandia

ZOOM PRESENTATION / Monday, November 30, 2020 / 1 – 2 p.m.

Dr. Stanley Atcitty
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Energy Storage Technology and Systems Department
Sandia National Laboratories