Share Your Own Personal Diversity Story

In the College of Engineering, all are welcome. To better share the stories of how our faculty, staff, students and alumni are diverse in their many varying forms, we are celebrating various heritage and other nationally recognized months. This recognition will include stories about those in our greater engineering community, as well as sharing events and other opportunities.

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Inclusive Excellence
The University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) College of Engineering (COE) is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion amongst our faculty and student body. Our goal is to increase the percentage of faculty and students from underrepresented groups in science and engineering, with the long-term goal of reaching the same percentages found in the greater community.

ASEE Diversity Recognition Program - Bronze Award

September 15 - October 15
Yajaira Lopez-Villa sitting on some steps for a photo.
Meet a Husker: Yajaira Lopez-Villa
Academic Advisor
“I hope that during this month and the other heritage months folks take time to learn more about other cultures and attend different events and celebrate with their peers how beautiful diversity is.”

Meet Yajaira
Alexis Martinez
Meet a Husker: Alexis Martinez
Student, Civil Engineering Major
“As an underrepresented group in the engineering field, I am blessed to lead and work with many amazing people on a daily basis. I hope to see more minority groups be represented in engineering in the future.”

Meet Alexis