Share Your Own Personal Diversity Story

In the College of Engineering, all are welcome. To better share the stories of how our faculty, staff, students and alumni are diverse in their many varying forms, we are celebrating various heritage and other nationally recognized months. This recognition will include stories about those in our greater engineering community, as well as sharing events and other opportunities.

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Inclusive Excellence
The University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) College of Engineering (COE) is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion amongst our faculty and student body. Our goal is to increase the percentage of faculty and students from underrepresented groups in science and engineering, with the long-term goal of reaching the same percentages found in the greater community.

ASEE Diversity Recognition Program - Bronze Award

Our Stories

Leen-Kiat Soh
Q&A with Leen-Kiat Soh
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
“Be persistent and invest time and effort. Be inquisitive and ask questions. Be mindful and think about your learning and acquiring new knowledge. Be open-minded and appreciate different viewpoints. Be caring and consider the impacts of your work. Seek help if you are doubtful.”

Q&A with Leen-Kiat

Sydney James
Q&A with Sydney James
Graduate student in Civil Engineering / B.S. in Civil Engineering from UNL, 2019
“One piece of advice I would give anyone considering or pursuing a career in engineering would be, why not you? You belong here. No one shows up to the first day of Calculus as a pro at deriving and integrating. The skills required for an engineering career take practice, determination, and grit. Every engineering student has had that moment when they thought it was too hard. Don’t quit, you belong here.”

Q&A with Sydney

Andrea Paola Arguelles taking a selfie
Q&A with Andrea Paola Arguelles
Ph.D. 2016, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, UNL
Assistant Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanic, Penn State University
"My heritage is an integral part of my identity. I did not realize how much until I left my home country [Venezuela] to pursue higher education in the U.S. The biggest lesson I carry with me from my Hispanic upbringing is the importance of family."

Q&A with Andrea

Francisco Munoz-Arriola
Q&A with Dr. Francisco Munoz-Arriola
Associate Professor, Hydroinformatics and Predictive Analytics, Department of Biological Systems Engineering /
Associate Professor, Integrated Hydroclimate and Geospatial Analytics, School of Natural Resources
"In my lab, as in the classroom, I create a welcoming environment that extols the virtues of diversity, inclusiveness, and equity as a means to civic and intellectual advancement."

Q&A with Francisco

Alma Ramirez-Rodgers
Q&A with Alma Ramirez-Rodgers
Senior assistant director of student development, College of Engineering
"As a first-generation female of Mexican descent, I believe I’m a living testimonial that although there may be several challenges one might face in life, these can be overcome with perseverance (or “ganas” as my dad would say)."

Q&A with Alma

Stephanie Perez and her boyfriend Bailey at Sioux Falls
Q&A with Stephanie Perez
CIVE major, College of Engineering
"I have always held the belief that my heritage is what keeps me, and my family grounded and allows us to have a unique outlook on life that we otherwise would not have."

Q&A with Stephanie