CHME 452/453 - Capstone Design

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Mentorship Model for Senior Design Projects

Students in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CHBE) Department of the University of Nebraska are required to complete a two-semester course sequence (senior design) as part of the chemical engineering degree program. In the senior design project, our goal is to simulate a professional research and engineering environment and practice teamwork. Through creating this learning environment, the students are provided the opportunity to apply the fundamentals of chemical engineering principles to an industry-relevant problem in a teamwork setting.

The intention is for the students to apply their learnings in the chemical engineering core courses to a real world design problem and further apply economic principles to evaluate the feasibility of process and optimize the process design. To realize this goal and to provide the best support for the students in their design projects, the CHBE Department is organizing a mentoring program where each design team is paired with a professional mentor from industry.

The primary goal of this effort is to integrate individuals from industry as mentors into the design projects to help the groups in practicing professional skills such as project and time management, cost estimation, process safety, documentation and industrial common good practices in equipment and components selection and sizing, and the bill of materials. The mentors are anticipated to become an integral part of the students’ design experience and to enhance the experience of the students by helping them to think about the project/problem from the industry perspective and reach more realistic and practical solutions to their design problems.

Mentor Roles:

  • To meet with the assigned team in your desired frequency for a half to full hour meeting and guide the team to enhance their professional skills: project management, teamwork, cost estimation, industrial resources, and common industrial practices
  • To assess the team progress and give them feedback; the average devotion of 20 hours per 15-week semester is anticipated
  • To attend the teams’ final presentations and the university showcase
  • To provide feedback to the faculty for continuous improvement of the course

Mentor Benefits:

  • Identifying potential workforce for your organization
  • Invitation to attend the senior design showcase and the following banquet.
  • The opportunity to network with faculty members and initiate future joint projects
  • Access to all the students reports and literatures

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