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The Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering has a team of faculty advisers and a staff advisers to ensure that the advising needs of our students are met.  Answers to our most frequently asked questions are also available on the CHME Advising FAQs page.

All new chemical engineering students; freshmen, change of major, transfer, and visiting exchange students will meet with the advisers in the Engineering Student Services Office (ESS). Students will meet with ESS from the time of admission until they are professionally admitted to the chemical engineering degree program and assigned to their faculty adviser.

Current students may schedule an appointment to meet with an ESS advisor by logging into MyUNL and clicking the Student Success Hub (SSH) link. Advising appointments may be held in the ESS office, W204 Nebraska Hall (inside the Engineering Library), or within the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering office suite, 207 Othmer Hall, so be sure to confirm your appointment location.

Once a student is granted professional admission, they are assigned to their CHME faculty adviser.  The following faculty have been specifically appointed as undergraduate advisers; Dr. Gustavo Larsen, Dr. Hossein Noureddini, Dr. Kevin Van Cott. The faculty keep their own calendar so students will need to contact them directly at their respective linked profiles.

Faculty advisers are assigned to students in order to provide valuable guidance in the selecting technical elective courses, finding co-op and internship opportunities, searching for your full-time position, navigating the academic difficulties of advanced coursework in the chemical engineering program, and serving as a potential professional reference.  Students will also work directly with their faculty adviser to complete their Senior Check so it is essential they build a relationship with their adviser to ensure a consistent plan for graduation.

It is best to work with one faculty adviser, however, if your assigned adviser is not available when you need guidance, you may meet with any of the faculty advisers listed above.  And, since academic advisers in ESS are cross-trained to assist with all majors in the College of Engineering, you may continue to work with them throughout your time in engineering for general questions, referrals, and processing of forms.