Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering faculty, staff and students may request 24/7 NCard access to Othmer Hall facilities for their study and research purposes and student organization activities.

The Computer Lab (Othmer B260) requires 24-hour NCard access to ensure that only those with permission can use the space. Between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. the following building entrances and facilities require NCard access:
  • Othmer Vine Street (south) entrance
  • Othmer 16th Street (west) entrance
  • Othmer (north) service entrance
Computer Lab and Classrooms
  • Computer Lab, Room B260, Othmer Hall
  • Design Studio, Room B201, Othmer Hall
  • AIChE Lounge, Room B203, Othmer Hall
NCard Access
To be eligible for NCard access, you must
  1. have a valid NCard and
  2. be a CHME employee or a CHME major enrolled for the current semester.
Access will also be given to non-CHME majors who are enrolled in a CHME course that requires the use of software in the computer lab. Permission of the instructor is required.

NCard use is monitored through the UNL Card Access Management System. Access may be revoked at any time. Questions about your NCard access to Othmer Hall should be directed to the CHME Department: 402-472-5377.