Energy Science Courses

The Energy Sciences minor will require four core courses:

ENSC 110: Energy in Perspective
Scientific principles and historical interpretation to place energy use in the context of pressing societal, environmental, and climate issues.

ENSC 220: Introduction to Energy Systems
Energy systems, sources, transformations, efficiency, and storage. Fossil fuels, biomass, wind, solar, nuclear, and hydrogen. Sustainability and environmental trade-off of different energy systems.

ENSC 230: Energy, Economics & the Environment
Introduction to the economics of energy. How the economic system determines production and consumption. The linkages between economic and environmental outcomes. How future energy use can be influenced by the economic, environmental, trade, and research policy.

ENSC 300: Energy Science Seminar
Prereq: ENSC 110 and sophomore standing.
Current issues in research, ethics, and professional practice related to energy science.

Additional upper-level courses can be taken in four elective thematic tracks

ENSC 395: Internship
Prereq: Sophomore
standing and permission. Structured practical experience under the supervision of an energy science professional.

ENSC 496: Independent Study
Ind. Prereq:
Sophomore standing and permission. Individual or group project in research, literature review, or extension of course work.

ENSC 499H: Honors Thesis
Ind. Prereq: Good standing
in the University Honors Program and permission. AGRI 299H recommended. ENSC 499H requires conducting a scholarly research project and writing a University Honors Program or undergraduate thesis.