ASME Mission

The University of Nebraska Student Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a student organization dedicated to improving mechanical engineering students at the university. The club strives to make its members into better engineers by keeping them up to date with the field of mechanical engineering. It accomplishes this task in several ways.

On a monthly basis, the club will meet and will have a guest speaker. This guest speaker is often an engineer at a major company with a strong presence in the field. The guest speakers will share their job experiences and will explain some of the changes in the field in recent years. In addition, these industry leaders give advice to students on how to make themselves more successful in college and more desirable as job candidates.

Occasionally, a professor at the university will come and share his or her experiences as a faculty and as a researcher. These meetings help encourage students who want to further their education in engineering by exposing them to research projects and giving them the chance to acquire an assistantship from a professor.

Lastly, the organization also goes on tours of local facilities with strong ties to the industry.