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Take full advantage of your first year in the College of Engineering through the Engineering Readiness Academy.

August 17 - 22, 2024

ERA refreshes students on concepts needed for college-level Calculus and Chemistry through hands-on activities – all a week before classes start!

Students who benefit the most from ERA tend to have taken math through Pre-Calculus in high school but could use a refresh on Algebra and Trigonometry concepts before beginning Calculus in college.

All incoming, first-year students admitted to the UNL College of Engineering or the pre-engineering program in Lincoln are eligible to apply.


  • Receive credit for ENGR 10 so you don't have to take it in the fall (depending on your major, programs, etc.)
  • Connect with other incoming engineering students before classes start
  • Move into your permanent residence hall early
  • Re-start your brain in preparation for your fall math class
  • Get advice from current engineering students about academic, personal, and professional success in college
  • Build a relationship with engineering faculty and staff who will continue to support you throughout your time at Nebraska


If you submit your application for:
You MUST submit your application by:
You will receive email notification of your application status by:
Priority Consideration
May 1
May 21
Standard Consideration
June 1
June 21


The total cost of ERA is $200 and should be paid no later than July 14.* This fee goes toward your housing, meals, and all activities throughout the week, and the College of Engineering pays the remaining costs of your participation. Once you receive an acceptance, then we will request payment

*There will be no refunds after July 14.

If you are interested in attending ERA but need financial support, please contact Cece Abbey at


If you require accommodations, please work directly with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). This will ensure that we can fulfill all accommodations appropriately.

ERA Shield
Cece Abbey
Assistant Director of Student Success Programs

ERA Participant Comments

"ERA has given me the confidence to start college off right!"

"ERA showed me the possibilities and the opportunities that surround engineering."

"This gave me such a good head start on college by meeting and connecting with people, getting familiar with the campus, and knowing what professors expect out of students."

" Amazing people, amazing team, amazing activities, amazing time."

"There is a lot more help on campus than you can even imagine."

"ERA has taught me that I'm capable of more than I thought before."

"Meeting the peers and the faculty in the college of engineering is the best thing you can do as they can provide you with connections for jobs, internships, and even undergraduate research. Having the support network is phenomenal."

"It is the most fun you can have coming straight out of summer, hands down."

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Engineering Readiness Academy? Who is ERA for?

ERA is a program that supports the transition to college for engineering students. It's 5 days of immersion into college life!

ERA refreshes students through hands-on activities using concepts needed for college-level Calculus and Chemistry. Students who benefit the most from ERA tend to have taken math through Pre-Calculus but could improve with a refresh on Algebra and Trigonometry concepts before beginning Calculus, as well as Chemistry concepts.

How many students participate in ERA?

Space is limited to 30 students. If you really want to participate in ERA, we recommend targeting the priority consideration deadline of May 1.

I plan to participate in another program on campus. Can I still be in ERA if I want to do something like First Husker, marching band, or a Learning Community?

We encourage you to consider and compare the requirements for any programs you are thinking about joining.

For ERA, you must attend the full schedule every day from August 12 through August 17. This means that programs like Marching Band, Sorority Recruitment, Peter Kiewit Foundation Engineering Academy, and First Husker would conflict, as those also require your participation for full days.

There would not be conflict with something like a Learning Community because that programming doesn't begin until after ERA has finished.

You should ultimately consider what ways these programs will support you and whether you would benefit from that support. We ultimately want to make sure you end up in programs that are a good fit for you.

If you are unsure, reach out to ERA staff to discuss if it is a good fit for what you want or need.

Where do we stay during ERA? Will I have to move to a new room at the end?

You'll be moving into your permanent room for the academic year on Saturday, August 12. This is the room you chose during the housing process in late spring - even if you're in a Learning Community.

You should come prepared to fully move in by bringing all of your belongings with you. This also means that your early move-in daily cost is covered by your ERA fee.