• 5 engineering students collaborate outside with a tennis ball launcher

    Engineering Readiness Academy

  • Two parallel lines of engineering students face each other while playing a game outside

    Engineering Readiness Academy

  • Four engineering students and two faculty sit at a table conceptualizing in a lab

    Engineering Readiness Academy

  • A group of engineering students observe as they launch a tennis ball into the sky with a launcher

    Engineering Readiness Academy

Join the Engineering Readiness Academy Learning Community to get started early.


Prepare to take full advantage of your first year in the College of Engineering through the Engineering Readiness Academy (ERA) Learning Community. Your community will support your academic, personal, and professional success from day one – a week before classes start!

During The Bridge, ERA refreshes students through hands-on activities using concepts needed for college-level Calculus and Chemistry. Students who benefit the most from ERA tend to have taken math through Pre-Calculus but could improve with a refresh on Algebra and Trigonometry concepts before beginning Calculus, as well as Chemistry concepts.

During The Experience for the academic year, not only will everyone take the same section of MATH 106/MATH 107, CHEM 109, and ENGR 10, but there will also be monthly events that are social, academic, or professional.


To participate, you must:

  • Be an incoming, first-year student admitted to the UNL College of Engineering on City Campus in Lincoln.
  • Plan on living on campus in University Housing for the 2019-2020 academic year.
    • All ERA students must live in Abel Hall
    • This means living on campus during The Bridge, August 15 - August 21, including weekends.
    • Complete your Housing Contract for the 2019-2020 academic year by May 1
  • Have completed freshman orientation and be registered for Fall 2019 classes by July 20, 2019.
  • Be placed into MATH 106 (Calculus I) or have taken trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus in high school.


The Bridge for ERA is $200 and should be paid by July 13. There will be no refunds after July 13.

The Experience is supported by the standard $95 Learning Community fee, which will appear on your September bill from the university.

Upon receiving your completed Acceptance Packet, you will be able to pay via credit card. 

If you have been accepted into the Lincoln Engineering Readiness Academy please click here for payment

If you are interested in attending the Academy, but may need financial support, please contact Jayde McWilliams at mcwilliams@unl.edu.


The ERA application window closes May 1st at 5 PM.

Submitting your application does not guarantee acceptance. Space is limited for the Engineering Readiness Academy. 

Information and updates on your application will be sent to the email address you include on your application. Questions regarding your application can be sent to Jayde McWilliams at mcwilliams@unl.edu.

If you are offered a space in ERA, you must formally accept that space through the Student Acceptance Packet and pay the program fee.


All ERA students will reside on the same, gender-dynamic floor in Abel Hall with a fellow ERA roommate. This directly conflicts with other Learning Communities. There will be no exceptions.

Students will move into their permanent room for the 2019-2020 academic year on August 15th, so plan accordingly.

Please refer to the Housing Contract Policies for more information, questions, or concerns about your housing contract.


Read through our Frequently Asked Questions here.