Pre-Visit Preparation

Preliminary Information

Preliminary information supplied by the client includes:

  • Copies of client's electricity, natural gas, and water bills for the past 12 months
  • A map of the client's plant layout
  • A list of all the equipment used in the client's plant
The Nebraska Industrial Assessment Center (NIAC) team uses this information to perform the following tasks in preparation for the on-site assessment:
  • Preparing energy use profiles
  • Conducting any necessary library research
  • Analyzing various production processes
  • Identifying potential energy conservation, pollution prevention, and producitvity improvement opportunities
  • Determining what further data are needed
A simple map of the plant and a list of the plant's larger, more significant equipment is useful to plan what data should be collected and thus what measurement equipment should be brought by the team on the plant visit.


Safety is a primary concern of the NIAC program. Typically, each NIAC team member wears the following personal protective equipment when conducting assessments in manufacturing environments:

  • Steel-toed shoes
  • Safety glasses
  • Hardhats
  • Earplugs
Please notify the assessment lead student prior to the visit regarding any hardhat or other special safety requirements within your plant.

Security Clearances

If your manufacturing facility requires that all team members meet special security requirements, please notify the lead student at least one week before the scheduled visit date. For example, if the facility requires background checks or other status criteria for all visitors, the NIAC staff needs to prepare for this well in advance.