NIAC Educational Materials

Videos with Common Recommendations

There are two video series, with 16 videos in total. The first series is Top IAC Recommendations, where we provide the most common suggestions given to manufacturers to improve elements such as heating, lighting, and insulation in order to reduce cost and waste. The second series explains the Relative Cost of Water: Water Mapping and Water Heating. The videos are a great first step to learn how to improve energy and waste efficiency at your plant, and only take a couple of minutes to watch.

Analysis Tools

There are 2 guides and 4 spreadsheets that have been created to be used by manufacturers, wastewater plants, students, and other technical assistance programs. The guides include benchmarking small wastewater and understanding electricity bills. The spreadsheets are then used to analyze data from annual bills, perform cost and savings analysis for lighting upgrades, track the cost of compressed air leaks in a system or calculate the savings and payback period for installing a cool air intake.