Analysis Tools


Benchmarking Small Wastewater - This guide is intended for small wastewater utilities that annually use less than $100,000 in energy costs.   The guide provides step-by-step instructions as to how to benchmark the facility and compare it to 93 other small Nebraska wastewater plants.  The guide also provides examples of common methods for reducing energy use.

Understanding Electricity Bills - This publication is intended to help business owners and municipal managers understand the different types of charges in their electricity bills. By understanding these charges, they may be able to identify ways to reduce their electricity costs.


Relative Humidity Calculator User Manual

Relative Humidity Calculator V2

Bill Entry and Analysis Tool - A one-stop-shop for entering bills.  Allows a user to input one calendar year's worth of utility bills and automatically performs graphing and analysis of the data.

Cool Air Intake Calculator - Given some basic parameters of your compressed air system, this tool is able to calculate the savings and payback period for installing a cool air intake.

Specialized Lighting Calculator - Able to perform cost and savings analysis for lighting upgrades, including bulk facility replacement, exterior lighting, and upgrading to LED exit signs.