Network Changes October 16-17 2021

ITS Planned Network Upgrades - 10/16 and 10/17

This weekend, the ITS Networking Team will be working on making two upgrades to the campus network. First, we will be working to standardize the wireless certificates that are used within the campus environments. Second, we will update the code level on the campus controllers for both the wired and wireless networks. More information on the two changes is provided below:

Certificate Standardization: (RFC – 9690)

On Saturday, October 16th at 8:00 AM, ITS will be replacing the RADIUS certificate used to authenticate users to the network. This change will transition the network to a single certificate that will be used for all authentications. In most cases, this will be seamless to our user community, as our new certificate has been issued by the same company as our current certificates. Some users may be prompted to “trust” the new certificate the first time they see it. We do expect there to be some devices that will not accept the new certificate automatically, and in these cases the network must be forgotten and then re-added. The onboarding tools are still the recommended method for the devices that prove to be challenging in the switch over, links to those tools are provided below. This work is scheduled to be completed at 8:30 AM on Saturday.

Wireless Configuration Tool: University of Nebraska-nu-net | Powered by SecureW2
Wired Configuration Tool: University of Nebraska-nu-net wired | Powered by Secure W2

Controller Code Upgrade: (RFC – 9572)

The wireless and wired campus controllers will be upgrade to a new level of code on Sunday, October 17th, starting at 9:00 AM. This upgrade will resolve multiple issues we have been experiencing on the network. During this upgrade, the wireless access points will be rebooted one at a time, and clients should migrate to neighboring AP where available. Wired clients will be migrated to the backup controller and should not see an outage during this work – unlike the wireless access points the switches will not need to be rebooted. This work is scheduled to be completed by 5:00 PM on Sunday.

Thank for your patience during this maintenance window,
Neil Brown