Network Changes

Useful Links for the change to get on-line for university resources

securew2 program for wired connections (if you don't use UNLAD to login)

securew2 program for wireless connections

If you have Intel wireless and don't see any 'eduroam' access points, you may need a driver update.

ITS has fixed this printing issue: There seems to be multiple issues with printing.  A temporary fix that seems to work is to enable the VPN even on-campus.  That has so far allowed printing to work where it previously did not provied you have the printer name for the port, and not its now old IP number.  We're working with ITS to try to find out what they need to do to fix this for us. 

Network changes coming soon

email sent to all Feb 23, 2021.

Network software licenses may not work if they use the IP for finding the server.  It may not work also if you have not specified a server and it uses broadcast to find the server.  We may know more Sunday.

Original Post:

ITS is in the process of changing all of the networking equipment on all campuses.  It is supposed to be complete by June 30, 2021.  Details are scant as they've not released much information.  Avery Hall changed January 3, 2021.

It appears that it will drastically change most network access from what it has been the last 35 years.  When they switch out a building, the building's network will be down for most of a day.  Due to the changes they are doing, other services will likely be down much longer as access is restored.

For remote access, you will need to use your computer's network name, not its IP address.  Most devices will not get the same IP address consistently. Most desktop computers will no longer get an address in their traditional campus IP space, but likely in the '10' subnet.  This also means that we will no longer be able to limit access to resources by IP address, nor building.

This (2020-12-10 morning ITS said that unmanaged network switches (likely meaning unmanaged by them) will NOT work.  This will likely mean several more ports will need to be activated in some rooms, and more data ports pulled in others.

ITS information on their Unified Network.

News article posted 2020-12-18 on the changes.

(last update: 2021-02-23)