Engineering Ambassador Network

Engineering Ambassador Network

Below is a sampling of the engineering presentations we use in the classrooms. Most presentations can be accompanied by a hands-on activity:
  • Earthquakes and Structures
  • Don’t Skip a Beat: Pacemakers engineered
  • Prosthetics
  • What Floats Your Boat? (buoyancy and boats)
  • Get it Wright: An Intro to Flight
  • Rollercoaster Engineering
  • Running Scarce: Clean Water Crisis
  • Engineering the Human Body: Tissue Engineering
  • The Future at Your Fingertips: Touch Screens
  • 3D Printing: An Evolution in Creating
  • Hydropower
  • An Ocean of Possibility: Electricity from Wave Energy
  • And more…
    • Aquaponics
    • X-Ray Imaging
    • Propellers at Work in Transportation
    • Engineering to the Stars: Rocket Propulsion
    • Static Electricity
    • Soap

Apply To Become An Engineering Ambassador

Sally Wei
(402) 472-2670

Our Mission
It is our PASSION to break-down the conventional ideas surrounding science, technology, engineering and math. We CHALLENGE learners in grades K through 12 to dream of a better world and we motivate them to be the agent of change. Through our leadership, interactive presentations and hands-on activities we are CHANGING THE CONVERSATION.

Overview of the Engineering Ambassadors Program
Ambassadors in Action: 2 Ambassadors giving a presentation on Engineering the Human Body: Tissue Engineering The Engineering Ambassador Network is a student-led initiative to promote engineering.

Student representatives visit K-12 schools throughout the state of Nebraska. Interactive presentations and hands-on activities are delivered in a variety of fashions to learners in K through 12 educational environments. As a result, school students’ eyes are opened to the many exciting opportunities found in engineering while Ambassadors show that engineering degrees are feasible (and enjoyable!) and involve more than meets the eye.

Engineering Ambassadors are students who enjoy talking with students while answering questions, providing advice, and sharing their passions about their majors. The presentations are strictly limited to engineering outreach and are not recruitment based. The presentations are interactive and meant to serve as a bridge between classroom theory and the application of math, science, and communication skills in the engineering career field.

If you are a K-12 teacher, a career guidance counselor or are involved in after school programs and wish to schedule an Engineering Ambassador visit, complete the Engineering Ambassador registration form. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Are Teachers Saying?
Elementary Students and Ambassadors do a project working with a roller coaster
"I felt like the ambassador presentation was very beneficial to our entire school. The ambassadors were prepared with great information about engineering. The Ambassadors were engaging, polite and interacted with our student body with a professional attitude that set the tone for a positive visit. "
Ambassadors give a presentation on Gravity
"We see several presentations from various colleges and this is one of the best. Well done!!"
An Ambassador works with 2 elementary students on a project
"The middle school students have been talking about the presentation on buoyancy and of course, who 'won' the challenge. But the best part is they are TALKING ABOUT IT - and excited. I also hear them talking about design and how they would change theirs, why their boat didn't work as well, etc. That is the exciting part!!!"
Ambassadors in Action: Nebraska Engineering Student and Elementary Students Work With Jello.
"The kids were excited to have college kids come in and work with them. They will remember the presentation-particularly the hands-on activity for a long time!”
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