scientist at instrument panelThe BPDF provides a variety of analytical services, including method development, method transfer, qualification, and validation with expertise in protein/peptide characterization and identification.  Analytical testing services are provided for a variety of standard test methods using both in-house and compendial test methods.

Instruments and Equipment
  • Waters Alliance® and modular HPLC systems with UV, photodiode array, electronic light scattering, and refractive index detectors
  • Waters Acquity® UPLC with photodiode array detector
  • Waters Empower® 3 chromatography software
  • Beckman Coulter P/ACETM MDQ capillary electrophoresis with UV and fluorescence detectors
  • Molecular Devices SectraMax® M2 microplate reader with scanning UV and fluorescence detection
  • Bruker Tensor 37TM FT-IR
  • Thermo Fisher EvolutionTM 300 UV Spectrophotometer
  • GE SieversTM 900 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
  • Charles River Labs Endosafe® Nexgen-MCSTM endotoxin analyzer
  • Bio-Rad GS-800TM Calibrated Densitometer
  • FungilabViscoleadTM Pro rotational viscometer
  • Thermo Fisher XCellSureLock® Mini-Cell and NuPage® Novex® gel electrophoresis system
  • Stability chambers capable of -80°C to +70°C