scientist at a fermentor

The primary focus of the fermentation laboratory is to develop fermentation protocols that meet clients’ needs.  Our experienced, professional staff develops high cell density fermentations expressing recombinant proteins that are suitable for scale-up and eventual GMP production.  Most projects involve expression of recombinant protein to be used as vaccines or biotherapeutics, as well as optimized production of other natural biomolecules.  With the flexibility to grow cultures to meet specific research needs, the fermentation lab performs a range of fermentations from the shake flask scale up to the 19 L scale.

 All fermentors are connected to a Thermo Scientific Prima dB – Process Mass Spectrometer for off gas analysis in real time.  The 19 L stainless steel BioEngineering fermentors are equipped with a Delta V control system for data acquisition and process control.  Delta V control capabilities include adaptive feed control using the mass spec to control feed rates.

The BPDF Fermentation Laboratory has extensive experience with Escherichia coli, Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and microbial strains.  Its capabilities include:

  • Production of research cell banks
  • Utilization of common carbon sources for cell growth and expression of the biomolecule of interest
  • Media optimization using animal-free components
  • Anaerobic fermentation:
    • Bactron IV anaerobic/environmental chamber from Sheldon Labs
    • Experience with anaerobic organisms such as C. difficile, P. shermanii and P. acidipropionici
    • Fermentors connected to Nitrogen to create strict anaerobic conditions