The GMP facility can accommodate both recombinant bacteria and yeast expression systems at the 150 L-scale (working volume).

The facility is fully equipped with all the necessary downstream processing equipment to purify either intracellular or secreted proteins.

First Floor Facility Floor Plan

The new GMP pilot plant has the following GMP utilities: a Pure Steam Generator with a Water For Injection (WFI) condenser, 1000 gal WFI storage tank, a distribution system for both ambient and hot WFI throughout the pilot plant with drops in all processing suites, and a dedicated process chilled water system.

The pilot plant also has an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for all critical processing equipment supported by an emergency back-up generator.

Being a stand-alone facility, the BPDF has the ability to make and test all buffers and solutions needed for GMP production.