Wallace Buchholz
Dr. Wallace Buchholz, Director

Dr. Wallace Buchholz was appointed Professor and Director of BPDF in September, 2013. His tenure at the BPDF has overseen the commissioning of the newly built GMP suite in 2104 and diversification of bioprocess development and GMP manufacturing projects ranging from an HIV prophylactic to XTEN™ in vivo drug stabilizer to biologic blood factors and anti-cancer therapeutics and vaccines. Before joining the BPDF, he served as the Microbiology Program Manager at the Army Research Office (ARO) from 2007-2013. During his tenure at ARO he reinvigorated the fundamental microbiology research program and focused funding towards microbial adaptation, which underpins microbial forensics capabilities. His other major initiatives at ARO included an innovative approach for anti-viral therapeutics, research to understand bacterial spore germination heterogeneity, research to understand microbe-human skin ecology, and holographic microscopy for imaging bacteria and large viruses. Prior to ARO, Professor Buchholz tested and validated new biological agent detectors and trained first responders at Dugway Proving Grounds, isolated and identified high-containment infectious agents at the Alaska Public Health Laboratory, and worked for 15 years in plant biotechnology. He holds a PhD in Microbiology and a BS in Bacteriology and Public Health from Washington State University.
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Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson, Production Manager

Scott Johnson joined the Biological Process and Development Facility in 1997. As the GMP Coordinator, he oversees production and process development activities for both upstream and downstream activities. He has a broad background in microbial fermentation and protein purification as well as GMP production scale up. Mr. Johnson’s work has involved process development of high cell density microbial fermentations producing recombinant proteins, harvest method using disc-stack centrifugation, tangential flow filtration, cell disruption, column chromatography, enzymatic digestions and other chemical modifications of biomolecules. He holds a MS in Biological Chemistry and a BS in Biology from the University of Nebraska.
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Sandra Williamson, Quality Systems Manager

Sandra Williamson joined the BPDF in October 2014 as the Quality Systems Manager. Prior to joining the BPDF, she was a Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs at Medtronic, Inc. With over 30 years of experience in the food, drug and medical device industries, her background includes quality and regulatory responsibilities for product development, clinical manufacturing, commercial manufacturing and post-commercialization compliance. She has worked with a variety of regulated products, including drugs, biologics, tissue products, medical devices, combination products, foods and cosmetics. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Natural Sciences from New College of Florida, and a law degree from George Mason University School of Law. She is currently licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Cory Smathers
Cory Smathers, Business Operations Manager

Cory Smathers joined the BPDF in 2007 as a Grants Specialist before moving into his current role in 2009. He began his career in production and operations management, cofounding an automated mail processing facility, and later a software development company focusing on web site security. Prior to joining the BPDF, he served as the director for a microenterprise development program. His role at the BPDF includes grants and contracts administration, business operations, and serving as a member of the project management team. He received his bachelor’s degree for the University Nebraska-Lincoln and holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Dennis Henson
Dennis Hensen, Project Manager

Dennis Hensen joined the BPDF in September 2012 as the facility Project Manager. He previously served as the Manager of Performance and Process Optimization, Manager of Study Toxicologists, Senior Supervisor/Toxicologist, and Study Coordinator in the Early Development/Safety Testing team at Covance Laboratories Inc. (1992 thru 2010). He has over 20 years of experience designing, conducting, and monitoring drug development projects for contract research organizations and their clients. He received a BS in Biology with a Business Concentration from the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse.