Computer Purchase Suggestions

There is no single specification set regarding a personal computer for use in your UNL studies. Most incoming students now use a notebook for portability. Most computers will be adequate since the majority of use will likely be word processing, email, and web browsing - however, the key concept to focus on is "software delivery." Not every platform will run the specialized software packages your field of study may use. While it is possible for the new M1 and M2 ARM CPUs to run Windows via virtualization, Microsoft only supports its Windows 11 ARM version, which may not be compatible with software written for the x86.

Please check with your department to see if they have additional specific requirements.

If you already own a computer, before making any additional purchases, you may want to wait until classes start, when you can make a better assessment of your needs.

If you are considering a new computer, it should have a:

  • Minimum of 16GB of RAM
  • Core i7 or greater/equivalent CPU
  • Minimum of 500GB of storage (an SSD is recommended)
  • Windows 10/11
  • WiFi adapter (WiFi 6 is the latest) A graphics adapter, preferably NVIDIA, is recommended