Communications & Marketing

In Engineering Communications, we tell the amazing and inspiring stories of the College of Engineering. We write, edit, design and produce print and online products that promote our programs and people, with audiences including the campus community, prospective and current students, alumni, and beyond. Our team works with faculty and staff to coordinate the overall marketing and brand initiatives for the college, including media relations, creative services, and electronic communications. We also handle media inquiries regarding the college.

Project Consulting

Departments and programs initiating a communications project are encouraged to consult with us, as we can offer assistance, expertise and a range of communications tools and templates, as well as ways to integrate content to tell our stories even further using a variety of channels.

How We Work

Engineering Communications follows the university's integrated marketing plan that shapes a brand identity for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

As part of this process, we have developed a college look that incorporates the university's presence while integrating elements that represent our programs. We use certain fonts, colors and themes, while adhering to the University Toolbox and Brand Book.  We also have better defined how the college is referenced, both internall and externally (e.g., when to use College of Engineering vs. Nebraska Engineering). Please read the College References Guide for more clarification.

Above you will find the templates, the official lock-ups for the college and departments/programs, and the Complete Engineer designs. We encourage you to integrate these into your materials to help solidify the college brand and add consistency in the overall marketing effort.